Stargate: Ark Of Truth

Sunday 30th March at 9pm on Sky 2. If you’re a fan that’s all you need to know

Stargate: Ark Of Truth, the feature length episode which followed the last and final series of Stargate SG1 was released on DVD in the US at the start of March according to Barry’s post. I thought I’d have to wait until the region 2 DVD became available but Sky ponied up the dosh and I presume it was shown during the week on Sky 1? I’m still catching up on my regular programming through Sky+ and haven’t hit last week yet so I missed any trailers if there were any.

Sky+ is all set to record Ark Of Truth tomorrow night! I hope it’s better than the drivel they served for the final episode! Here’s a trailer to wet your appetite. I think it just might be a winner.

10 thoughts on “Stargate: Ark Of Truth

  1. It’s been on twice already during the last week on Sky One and I missed it each time. I thought I was going to have to wait months to see it again.

    Cheers Donncha!

  2. Hi Donncha – it seems like your feed is acting strangely. All your recent articles are being received with a date of 1/1/1970 00:00, shoving them to the bottom of my list. It looks like there are 2 pubDate attributes in the feed, the correct one and a faulty one. No big stress, just thought I’d let you know 🙂

  3. It was on after the Colour of Magic last Sunday. I sort of skipped it because Stargate and I had an amicable divorce at some stage. Can’t remember why though.

    your feed seems to be okay for me by the way.

  4. Don’t expect too much from this, it’s just as bad, if not worse than the episodes from the last season. A truly terrible feature length, they shouldn’t have bothered. Stargate simply cannot compete with the likes of Battlestar Galactica in terms of plot and suspense. Pity, because there was a time that it was quite a good show.

  5. I haven’t seen anything since series 8 (I think it was 8), i.e. the last one shown on Channel 4 in the UK. But I have watched every series up to then.

    You should watch the early shows, they’re very good. Rven though series 1 is eleven years old now it hasn’t dated at all. Some of the most exciting episodes are at the end of series 1; around series 4, when the replicators show up, is very good too.

  6. Just felt like a padded normal episode to me, I actually groaned when an old enemy reappeared to “spice up” the action and tension a bit.

    Not bad, but nothing new….moving along.

  7. I have the DVD and while I appreciate them wrapping up some loose ends, it still seems like something was just missing from it. It will make you long for the days of the original SG-1 team, but it’s not as bad as it could have been.


    ~ Teli

  8. I watched it and I enjoyed it. There are a few holes in it, the most glaring of which is how did Teal’c know where the celestial city was?

    I checked my feed, and the db. For some reason “post_date_gmt” isn’t being populated. That’s why the 1970 date is showing up. I’ll have to fix that. It’s probably some plugin interfering.

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