Just got a memory foam mattress delivered last week and let it air out as suggested. It stunk up my entire apartment with the smell. I have asthma and allergies. Slept on it Sunday night, and was losing my voice at work the next day. Had mucus running down the back of my throat. Slept on it Monday night, and woke up Tuesday with swollen eyelids and watery, crusty eyes. Had trouble breathing both nights and had 2 asthma attacks. Had to take my rescue inhaler 3 times a day on both days. Finally realized that the only thing I had changed in my home was the mattress itself, and that it must be the problem. Slept on my couch after that, and felt normal again in the morning. I am returning the memory foam 12″ visco mattress for a traditional innerspring mattress. People with asthma and allergies, chemical sensitivities, or those concerned with their health, should not take their chances with this toxic waste dump of a bed. I can’t believe they are allowed to sell this to people.