@Robert – Thanks for your detailed post. While we may be in the minority (as Ian notes) that doesn’t change the fact that memory foam may be harmful to “some” people. I appreciated your post because I too have been suffering from migraines and unusual body aches following sleep. I don’t expect to wake up feeling worse. I don’t know how one can test for this, but it does seem that a good number of us are questioning the health aspects of memory foam. For myself, I am going to change to a King Koil or some other non-memory foam mattress in very near future. If I remember, I’ll post then – especially if the ailments disappear!

Question – does anyone know about drawbacks to “gel” mattresses. This is the newest mattress construct, which actually looks like squares of silicone gel that leave an air pocket. The sales people say it “breathes” much better than memory foam and is a lot cooler. Part of problem with any foam mattress is lack of air within the mattress. The memory foam acts as a barrier – hence it is warmer than a regular, springs or coil mattress.