To anyone out there considering the purchase of a memory foam product, be that a mattress, mattress topper or just a pillow – do not be put off by the negative comments that you will read here or on any number of forums. Yes some people find them uncomfortable and some people develop allergic reactions to memory foam, but I must point out that the percentage of people who are not happy with memory foam products is infinitesimal when compared to the number of happy memory foam users. To ensure that you minimize the possibility of an adverse reaction to memory foam do plenty of research. Do not buy memory foam products manufactured in the far east as manufacturing standards and quality control seldom measure up to European or US standards. Also whilst on this topic – the fact that a product carries a label stating “Made in USA” or “Made in UK” does not necessarily mean that all the components of the product were manufactured in these places. Products can be assembled in the UK from components made anywhere in the world and qualify to carry a “Made in UK” tag. So once again I say research & more research. Get assurances from your suppliers that all component parts of the product you are considering purchasing are produced in the UK, USA or wherever.
Hope this helps