Having just read this entire page — I’m wondering where your percentages are coming from? Your infinitesimal percentage does not seem to be validated by this….. Seems to me to be something like 20-30% have problems from one thing or another — Reaction to “foam” in the form of rashes, breathing difficulties in reaction to ‘off-gassing’ and others that just fail to get comfort from the particularities of the foam itself.

Personally, having just recieved this suppposedly high-quality memory foam mattress a few weeks ago — I’ve had my first migraine, days when my asthma had me gasping until 11 am, and nothing but severe body ache upon waking from another fitfull night of waking up every hour. I came here to look to see if others have had similar reactions and find myself convinced that “it’s not just me” — because, unfortunately, my partner loves it… sadly, I don’t think we can keep it.

Here’s to all of you that find them a comfort – but – Buyer Beware! They are not for everyone