Tomorrow we meet, virtually

Me in the Blarney Stone Irish Bar James is organising BlarneyCamp tomorrow at 3pm. It’s not your run of the mill get together where people meet others, enormous amounts of drink are consumed and everyone has a laugh. I’ts virtual.

Tomorrow we meet virtually on Second Life.

I found out a few days ago that Second Life is available for the Mac and Linux so I downloaded the Mac version and gave it a spin. After a brief registration process I was in. Yes, this is the much vaunted virtual reality system everyone is talking about! I can travel all over the place! I can meet everyone! I can, what can I do? Where are the baddies to shoot? The TOS specifically disallow shooting anyone or doing violence to another character. Hmm.

Conn had a better experience than I did. Hearing your name from the DJ would be sort of cool. I’m already looking forward to teleporting to the Temple Bar tomorrow and finding the Blarney Stone Irish Bar.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow we meet, virtually

  1. Hiya Donncha,

    Just stumbled across your blog at random, and here you are talking about my favourite virtual pub. Is that meetup of yours 3pm Second Life time or Irish time? 🙂

    Well, I won’t be able to make it anyway, but if you happen to be at the Blarney Stone on Sunday 12th November from 9-11am SLT, I DJ a virtual radio show from there called “Ceol agus Craic”, consisting of Irish trad, folk and rock (from sean-nos to indie rock), which alternates every other Sunday with another programme that’s more “pan-Celtic”. Come by and bring a crowd!

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