My First Earthquake!

Wow, the house just shook! Toni found some info on it, and I got it from Andy. Magnitude 4.4 apparently, but 42 miles away.

Podz mentioned it too. What did you do when you felt it? Did you run to the door, duck, take cover? No, we blogged it!

2020 Edit: Mark has since moved his blog and his post can be found here.

4 thoughts on “My First Earthquake!

  1. Deja vu moment until I realised that a mate in San Fran posted about it on a mailing list I’m on this morning. What are you doing over there Donncha?

  2. I was in Berkeley when the 89 earthquake hit. I was actually in high school and waiting at a bus stop. When the ground started moving I thought it was a bus but then realized the houses across the street were moving and freaked out a bit. Having the ground move is a very disconcerting feeling when you rely on it so much. Anyway its good the earthquake you were in was not too big.

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