How To Keep Things Clean For Less Stress

How To Keep Things Clean For Less Stress – on my desk: radio, headphones, lamp. speakers, cameras, flash, lens, candle burner, peace plant, magazines, oh and Panasonic and Canon battery chargers.

By Donncha

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What a great list. I am all for stress reduction. I believe that a lot of stress comes from those tasks that we have not done yet but know that we must do soon. When I get one of those tasks done, and mine recently was painting the outside of my house, I enjoyed a noticeable drop in my stress levels. I didn’t even do it myself which I normally would have done.

we have a harrd time keeping things cleanat our house but i am only 11 my brother is only 8 and my sister is 6 and we do have parents.wetry our best to help our parent all we can.but when we do clean it takes alot of stress off my parents.

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