Bombs in London?

Did bombs go off in London this morning?

Jacinta texted her brother over there. Can’t remember if he works in the City or not. They’re fine.

The Technorati London tag has links to a lot more blogs and the britblog lists blogs in London, althought not by update time unfortunately.
The BBC and Sky websites have more -> Multiple blasts paralyse London.
Explosions in London – lots of links including the Wikipedia page.

Was Scotland Yard warned before the event?

The BBC news feed is excellent, and their site is holding up very well to the load. Looks like the site is down. There’s a traffic camera at King’s Cross but of course not available now that the BBC site is down. (via gmaptrack)

The Guardian Blog has lots of coverage.

A moblog with photos from the Underground.

“Major power failure. ALL tube network shut. Got of train at Gloucester Road without moving after being told only of a power failure. On the way out just caught the announcement of a major security alert.” (link)

“Just taken mobile calls from my very scared and frightened 11 year old and her equally distraught mother who are caught up in this morning’s events.” (link)

“People at work were talking about this and I can hear police sirens outside my building” (link)

2 thoughts on “Bombs in London?

  1. It looks like these disasters are not happening without reasons. It was happening in most major countries like USA, UK, Russia, capitals of these countries were attract by some characters called Terrorists during some major political movements inside the countries. I thing it is some kind of ways to scare and show who can help in order to look heroes.

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