T-Engine: Ubiquitous Computing

That T-Engine sounds mad! Computers everywhere talking to each other!
I could bring home my camera after a hard day taking shots only to have the photos transfer by wireless comms to my desktop PC when I drop my bag next to my desk!
When I’ve been working too long at my PC it could order the kettle downstairs to turn on and then chime a bell when the tea’s made!
Ah yes, interesting times ahead!
The slashdot discussion has a few more bits, including a better explanation of why i-Tron is better than past attempts at ubiquitous computing.

2 thoughts on “T-Engine: Ubiquitous Computing

  1. Hi, while the idea of everything talking & collaborating with each other is something that we’ve always spoken about, I think the T-Engine Forum is trying to accelerate the development of systems by standardizing some of the basic stuff, so that people can focus on the application.

    At some point, there will be sufficient hardware & middleware for the T-Engine and building systems will be quicker than with non-standard platforms.

    All the same, if you are looking for more introdctory information about the T-Engine, I maintain a site for English developers. It’s heavily under construction, but some introductory material is already available.


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