Dust on my Sensor! Must Clean It!

There’s dust on the sensor of my 20D. I need to remove it. Here’s a few bits I found.

  • Ken Rockwell has many tips, as usual
  • This review of IMS DSLRClean looked very promising until I found the exact same one here too! Is it a paid-for product placement?
  • Lots and lots of valuable information here.

Gulp! I hate the thought of wiping anything against my camera sensor!

3 thoughts on “Dust on my Sensor! Must Clean It!

  1. After reading a few articles, I’m contemplating first attacking it with a blower to remove any light dust and if that doesn’t bring acceptable results getting a nylon brush of some kind, washing it to within an inch of it’s life and using the ol’ brush & canned air method. I’d spring for one of those visible dust brushes but the idea of spending $100 on what’s basically an artists brush doesn’t sit too well.

    Tell ya what Donncha, you clean yours first and if you don’t muck it up completely I’ll follow your lead. 🙂

  2. I bought a Hama Lens Brush (looks a bit like this) this morning in The Digital Camera shop on Princes Street.
    There was 1 hair and a few spots on my sensor, and blowing onto the sensor removed the hair, but left the spots. Gently running the brush along the sensor removed most of the spots too. It worked for me, but YMMV.
    O’Leary’s Camera World recommended I buy a mini vacuum cleaner. Guy in there said that they had got reports of a good one at B&Q in Mahon Point. I went looking and then remembered that I had a small vacuum cleaner for the car. I never tried it because the bulb blower worked.
    Oh yeah, head down the quays and see the Pakistani ship down there.. The naval personel are very friendly and I got a few good snaps!

  3. I had the same recommendation about the vacuum cleaner. Something inside me tells me it’s wrong to stick something sucky into a €2,000 camera. I think I’ll pick up the biggest bulb blower I can find and go makeup brush shopping.

    Or I could let you clean it for me 😀

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