The Canon 20D has arrived!

The Canon 20D finally arrived from after a week in transit! As Ryan found out earlier, the manuls are in German but you can download English manuals (and firmware updates) from Canon’s site. (Damn, it uses an Adobe Reader 6.0 watermark feature. Grrr. Nothing shows up in gpdf except “COPY”)
Check out this page of the dpreview review of the Canon 20D. It lists all the controls and functions available in the different modes. That’ll keep me going for a short while!
Here’s an example picture. It’s a lot more saturated than I expected but I had a polarizer filter on the lens. WB was auto.

2 thoughts on “The Canon 20D has arrived!

  1. Hey Donncha,

    Well, welcome to the club, I hope your enjoying! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some great shots from you. My poor 20D is lying up in it’s bag for the past two weeks almost, haven’t had a chance to get out and take any shots! 🙁

  2. Congratulations. I’ll go sit in the corner and cry over my Digital Rebel. I got to play with a 20D at a Pro Shop. It was incredible. Unfortunately, for monetary reasons I’ll have to hold off until the next gen for an upgrade.

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