I'm off coffee

I’m off coffee. I was never a big drinker, enjoying a cup with my breakfast and perhaps with my lunch later but I’ve gone cold turkey.
I’m off it two weeks now! 3 days into it I got an almost-unbearable headache for an hour but it disappeared and that’s it!
It’s still tempting however.. going into a cafe last weekend was a trial!
Thankfully I can think and work without extra stimulus.

5 thoughts on “I'm off coffee

  1. Oh, just a general unease with coffee. I’m trying to improve my diet in various ways – eating more fruit and veg, avoiding bad stuff, etc. I have to admit it’s difficult to substitute processed foods unless I wanted to spend my weekends cooking however!
    I read a few weeks ago that coffee contributes to stomach-acid problems. If your stomach’s sick, then you’re sick.
    It’s quite amazing how one’s stomach affects general health – ie. if you eat a huge lunch you may be useless and lethargic for the next hour as you attempt to digest the food.
    Here’s what looks like a good guide to coffee and side effects.

  2. Apparently, and I’m no expert, drinking a cup of strong espresso every day has an effect on sperm that the equivalent in human terms would be swimming the english channel if it was made of treacle. You have made the right decision.

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