im a liar, iv got filthy desire, my test results are positive for wickedness, toss me out, i dont wana try no more. and at the same time i dont wana die no more. im a mixed solution of toxic waste. my turmoil in the soil dont produce much and these resolutions come and then i loose interest. cant trust my self and you, you hurt my heart so i lurk in the shadows of hate and suffocate to the torture. scorched in the flame shooting up in my main vein sick in the head man i wish i was dead. sleep all day to come alive in the night cant survive in this flight with this knife at my legs cutting and sucking the blood like i was thirsty. man this shit is so dirty but ima use it any way and its dull too so i gota dig and ooo it hurts but fuck it this shit is the bomb but im not gona die like your moms cause im smarter than that never more than a lil at a time. man its the big things in life that bring us down and its the little things in life that bring us up. yo so whats up im just bored as fuck taken a sip of this Sunkist to quench my thirst. and this burst of lust for you grows when you touch me and fuck me so dont touch me or fuck me in attempt to make me sin. but temptation grows with every moment and temptation dies with every prayer so i aint got no reason to be scared. i cant even see you and i dont even know what you look like so dont touch me or fuck me dont even stay here leave in the name of God. i dont wana see your facade any longer, show me the truth in the light of the day and ill do what i have to ta stay. let us pray.