At The End Of The Day

Yesterday was a glorious day. It was one of those rare days when the sun shone, and blue skies were the rule. It finished with this lovely sunset as I drove home.
So of course I had to stop and risk life and limb by running onto a narrow bridge while rush hour traffic edged past carefully. I think it was worth the trouble, don’t you?

One thought on “At The End Of The Day

  1. This is VERY beautiful. But I wanted to ask, where’s your email link? I submitted a shot from Ferns for Photo Friday’s “Rural” and figured it would be useless if I didn’t call it out to you (we in America, not having enough photos from Ferns, figure it’s the same for you). And when I was looking at a bunch of 1989 shots (ardmore, youghal, and so on) began to think I should scan a week’s worth. But I’d have FAR preferred to alert you through an email so you could privately, genteely, say “Thank you very much, that’s nice, but I live here.” 🙂

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