Householders Against Service Charges

This afternoon while I was in town I saw a peaceful protest against household service charges on Cork’s Patricks Street. Stories in the newspapers have been accompanied by photographs of garbage piled high on the streets of Cork as the Corporation refuses to collect rubbish bins without tags. Unfortunately, bins put out at night quite often have their tags stolen. Local TD Kathleen Lynch has complained but the City Manager is on record as saying that there’s no problem!
The People’s Republic of Cork have their own analysis of the problem, offering suggestions for what Corkonians can expect for their hard earned cash.

Imagine it. A loud hailer booms: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Roll up! Roll up! For JUST A FIVER (plus the annual standing charge) have your bin collected by the amazing, the spectacular, the heavily unionised Cork City Rubbish collectors!”

At least this time I had a camera, the last time I was on Patrick’s Street 2 elephants went running past and this is all I got with my pitiful camera phone..

One thought on “Householders Against Service Charges

  1. Is this campaign still active and if so is there anyone in West Cork I could talk to about it? I very much against bin/service charges.


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