ATI Cards and Corrupted Text

This is new to me, but according to these setup tips my “Fixed Frequency Monitor” can’t handle the frequencies bandied about by my new ATI graphics card. It’s mildly annoying and sounds like a bit of a cop out as I haven’t seen anything similar on lower end cards!
When you’re in DOS mode or text mode and If you notice slight flickering around some characters, particularly “r”, then this could be the problem. The only solution is to upgrade your monitor or shut your eyes until you boot into a graphical GUI!
I wonder if that explains the following strange character corruption that appears during bootup:

Oh, Debian testing detects SATA drives without a hitch. 🙂

Later… Even in the GUI there’s corruption. Does this happen to other Radeon 9×00 users? The multi-colour lines in the image below appear randomly but seems to be worse when high-contrast web pages are displayed. This happens when using either the proprietary driver from ATI or the open source one in XFree86. Time to get on to Elara again.

Later Still… Opinion on on is that the graphics card is damaged as 6 others who have ATI Radeon 9000 series cards have had no problems. I faxed them a return form 20 minutes ago and am waiting a response now.

5 thoughts on “ATI Cards and Corrupted Text

  1. Any news from Elara yet? As I’ve recommended since you mentioned the “void if removed” sticker on the back of the case, return the PC and request your money back. Any manufacturer that stops you from installing hardware or even opening a case should not be in business. Will try to not deal with this company again! And I certainly will not be recommending them again after this. Overclockers UK are still my first choice and recommendation!

  2. I was willing to live with the “void if removed” sticker if I had a working PC, but the fact that the graphics card is obviously broken annoys me.
    I’m still waiting on them to reply to my RMA. I’ll ring them tomorrow morning if I haven’t heard anything by then.

  3. I purchased from elara pre-christmas. I found the ‘Void if Removed’ sticker attached to the bubble-wrap the main-box came in. AFAIA the sticker itself isn’t sufficient under law to void the warranty. To do so they have to explicitly inform you of this limitation at the time of purchase of the warranty.



  4. Hi guys

    Just to let you know that the sticker is there so that we know if you had opened the computer if you do decide to send it back.

    We have had many customers claiming not to have touched the inside only to find that a new drive was installed… hemm.

    Anyway that is the reason why we have it. Sorry for the confusion.

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