The Job of a Photo Journalist

Mark Hancock, as a photo journalist, is exposed to situations that many of us never see. A police warrant roundup is one such occurance and he describes it well.
He has several things to say in his accompanying post about what PJs do:

Before I continue, PJs mostly cover tax dollars at work. When we cover wrecks, fires and such, we focus on what the police and firefighters are doing. This is why we are there. We also cover the people affected by the event to get them help from the community. Lastly, we cover the people who may have caused the commotion in the first place (hostage takers, etc…).

3 thoughts on “The Job of a Photo Journalist

  1. what kind of background do i need to get a job as a photojournalist? what so i need to study in school? where do i go to get hired?… etc.

  2. Is being a photojounalist a good job? Is it interesting? I would like to start but i need as much information as possible for this job as i want to go to an interview! I would like to know a lot aboout it…etc

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