10 thoughts on “SugarCRM – Bye Bye GoldMine?

  1. Hello SuggarCRM! Looking good, much more intuitive than Goldmine and it’s a true on-line product–everywhere you need to be. I’m so tired of Goldmine products torturing us with their backward useability & proprietary lockdown.

    Please let me know if you find a way to migrate from Goldmine.

  2. I’m looking for a firm that could help us to migrate from Goldmine 6 (dBase) to SugarCRM Open source. Email me at jean(a)iclic.ca for the project details.

  3. Hi

    I read your postings with interest. Have you taken a look OpenCRM. Similar in lots of ways to the SugarCRM offerings, in fact came originally (long time ago) from same initial source bank, but developed for a true business on demand CRM solution. Also, OpenCRM have handled imports from Goldmine clients that have migrated to OpenCRM.

    We Like Sugar, but we love OpenCRM. Online demo available as well.

  4. Justin – haven’t used Goldmine or needed to look at Sugarcrm in years, thank God! A simple email reader like Thunderbird suits me down to the ground now.

  5. We’re also trying to get rid of LandMine, uh GoldMine. It’s horrific. Full of bugs and problems, unfortunately our company is stuck using it, it’s going to take a large effort to dump this horrid product. The database is a joke – it breaks every rule of database design. When a major release of a product is so unstable, no one on the forums recommends using it until TWO YEARS after it was released – that’s a pretty bad product!

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