Massage and Acupuncture – relieve the stress!

I only picked up the last few moments of Paul McKenna’s interview on TodayFM, but right at the end he suggested methods of massage and tapping acupuncture points to relieve stress. I did a quick search and found a few interesting sites. Here’s one picked at random..
I’m well aware that massage relaxes oneself but these are very specific points on the body that can be tapped for different effects!

6 thoughts on “Massage and Acupuncture – relieve the stress!

  1. I started going to a massage therapist a few weeks ago. I can feel the difference already. I think many people dismiss massage therapy as a legitimate way to deal with stress, but it is actually very helpful. Right now I have an onslaught of family problems, health issues – and my husband just lost his job. I’m under a lot of pressure, and going to a trained massage therapist really helped. My insurance pays for it, and it makes a huge impact on my stress levels.

  2. I have been doing massage for many years but I found that Emotional Acupressure link you had very interesting. I found this site useful for links to the difference between acupressure and acupuncture as well as what they really are.

  3. We took our dog, Sandy to an acupuncturist and started giving her regular massages for her arthritis and the results have been amazing. She started climbing the stairs with ease again after only a few days of treatment.

  4. @John – taking your dog to an acupuncturist is something new! I’m sure your dog will love you for that.

    I’ve been picking up some massaging techniques lately, and they’ve been pretty damn effective in relaxing the mind.

  5. I’ve also heard about taking the dog to an acupunturist. Not sure how many practitioners there are in Ireland, but my friends in the States have mentioned it a few times!

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