3 thoughts on “Journalist Arrested After Photographing Voting Lines

  1. Did the photographer in question get everyone on the line to sign a release form?

    Photographers don’t have a right to be intrusive just because they are looking to get a shot.

  2. I’m absolutely certain he would have got release forms, just like every other agency taking photos of people in public places!
    I’ve had my picture in the paper several times but I’ve never signed a release form. Granted, the photographer took my name, but I didn’t sign anything.
    I’m sure everyone pictured in the papers will be queueing up to get their release forms. I must ring the Evening Echo now!
    Of course, what happened here is a break-down in communication. The local police never informed the local media that there were restrictions on photographing people going to vote.

  3. You don’t need release forms if you publish pictures as “news”. The main problems here were 1) a (very) new local ordinance that the photographers didn’t know about, and 2) an over-zealous cop intent on enforcing said ordinance.

    Well, and maybe 3) the photographer shouldn’t have tried to run away. Running from the police is generally a bad idea 🙂

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