WordPress Tags – Use Them!

Someone on asked how they could list the number of posts in every category. They were pointed at this page in the support forum. Even though we’re using Smarty as the templating system here, what’s stated there applies here! Add the following parameter to the call to {list_cats}:optioncount=1
ie. {list_cats optioncount=1 optional='0' all='All' sort_column='name'}
There’s a comprehensive list of WordPress Template Tags on the WP Wiki.
It should be the first port of call for anyone looking for help editing their template as the difference between Smarty syntax and PHP isn’t great and is easily learnt once you’ve digested what the template does.
And here are the docs on custom fields. It should be simple to add a Smarty function that’ll display my pic of the day again! (via the support forum)

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