A little bit of history- "J Steele & Sons Cork 1877"

Right across from City Hall I found this inscription on a metal bollard. An online search for that name didn’t bring up anything of use but maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

2 thoughts on “A little bit of history- "J Steele & Sons Cork 1877"

  1. That looks like some of the original cannons from Collins Barracks used to protect the city. There were four I believe, one is presented in it’s original form by the Steam Power Station at the Marina, one is set upsidedown in concrete outside Bishop Lucey Park at the corner of Tuckey Street where it was used as a boat mooring point when Cork looked like Venice. What you have there I believe is a third, although … the date is quite recent. I’d think if it wasn’t one of the cannons, it’s certainly a boat mooring point, most of that area was cris crossed with waterways at the time.

  2. Kae found out a few details too, to quote: “<kae> hehe! I was just looking into that little challenge on Donncha’s site (find the histroy behind a bollard), and came across probably the right guy – a John Steel, 1848-1925. turns out this guy had a wife Annie Clarey who was born in 1893! cradle snatcher 🙂
    <donncha> kae: good work find that info! heh
    <kae> I’m not certain it’s the same guy, donncha – there are a few people buried in St. Paul’s cemetary in cork that might be him: http://users.eastlink.ca/~dfaith/stpaul.html

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