6 thoughts on “On Being a Photographer – Bill Jay

  1. Do you have a contact for Bill Jay? We were at collge together years(!!) ago.
    Many thanks.

    Ian Dickins

  2. I took a fantastic History of Photography course from Bill Jay at ASU in the 80’s.

    Now I am looking for contact info because I have a rare colloidal plate which may be of great interest to him. Do you have an email address for him.

    Your help is greatly appreciated


    Chris Merchant

  3. I had Bill Jay as a Photo History Teacher at Arizona State University in 1974-75. I just saw the Nov – Dec issue of LensWork, and he writes End Notes for the magazine. No known contact for him, but try LensWork at 800-659-2130 in Anacortes, Washington, or editor@lenswork.com.

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