DSL Router Troubles – ZyXEL Prestige and iolBB

Oh! The troubles I’ve seen! Every now and again my DSL router, a ZyXEL Prestige 623R-T1 would pack in and refuse to perform DNS requests. A mail to the ILUG on the matter didn’t help as nobody replied but I think I have come to a round about solution! Use a proxy server and caching name server!
So, I installed Squid and bind. Pointed my browser at Squid, /etc/resolv.conf at and all seems fine!
I had previously noticed the router fail when I had opened a lot of browser tabs (6 web pages? Not much IMO) so I tried again with almost a dozen. Worked first time and because you’re seeing this, it’s still working!
Fingers crossed that it continues to work.

5 thoughts on “DSL Router Troubles – ZyXEL Prestige and iolBB

  1. By pure coincidence I spent much of yesterday evening digging around /etc/resolv.conf trying to get a ppp connection to unison – got it eventually after installing KDE and using kppp wizard.
    Must dig around the log files to see what kppp is doing differently.
    Wish I had broadband.

  2. I had the same problem on dial-up, couldn’t finger out what kppp was doing as it just calls pppd with parameters AFAIK! I’ve actually installed Squid on my desktop machine here at work too – the error messages it displays are friendlier than those from Firefox, even with various plugins installed.

  3. I’m not paying for it Owen.. remember it’s a free trial? too busy to go chase up yet-another-person-about-something-else until I have to.

  4. This is the exact same problem I’m having! Thinking of installing bind myself, as at the moment I’m using someone else’s dns servers (let me know if you ever need them 🙂 )

    Hopefully putting the IP of ns.iol.ie in /etc/resolv.conf will sort it temporarily….

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