34 thoughts on “Gmail Invites, who wants them?

  1. If any invites are remaining, I would like to request one puhleaze n thank yew. It would be greatly appreciated

  2. Hi,
    Merry Xmas!!!! writing from South Africa. Great to see you dishing out Gmail invites. We have not really experienced gmail here in south africa, would be previledged to be one of the first few to use it in S.A. The internet is huge down here and open source software is really catching on with our new open source initiative being spearheaded by Mark Shuttleworth and his foundation. http://www.go-opensource.com
    keep up the good job.

  3. Yes please to gmail.
    My email provider “mailblocks� just gave me a thirty day eviction notice because AOL took them over and screwed the old customers! I have to find a new address fast…..

  4. Please send me an invite to gmail. I did not realize it would be this difficult to get one.

  5. hello how are you?
    i need a gmail invition 🙁
    could you please send ma a Gmail invition ?
    thank you very much

  6. Heeeeelllllllooooo my FRIEND.

    I’ll be very glad for inviting me to GMAIL. Will you? PLS.

    Thanks a lot.


  7. Luckily, now Google allows all people sign up a new Gmail withou an invitation. I think “invitation” is an creative marketing strategy

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