On the Joe Duffy Show: Miracle Cure for Cancer!

Discussion on the Joe Duffy show centres around signs propped up around the country promising miracle 24-hour cures for cancer! One doctor came on the radio and said he it was the chemo therapy that killed his patients, not the fact that his herbal drink didn’t work. A good search found some interesting stories about Dr Pascal Carmody and Dr Freida Keane-Carmody. Yet another doctor, William Howard Porter is also in trouble, but it’s not clear if he has been noticed by the Irish authorities.
Photodynamic Therapy was one of the therapies offered by Pascal Carmody..

7 thoughts on “On the Joe Duffy Show: Miracle Cure for Cancer!

  1. wow. lots of idiots posting on that second link. i like the, “lots of people were using hebal medicines before the white man came along,” comment. yes, white europeans didn’t use herbs for medicine, and all modern drugs are invented from thin air…

  2. Lots of people finding this post through Google. There are more horror stories on the radio today. Mr. Carmody has been at it for over 20 years it seems, and he’s scammed lots and lots of people in that time!

  3. Donncha … your an idiot. People have been using herbal medicines all there life. Things in this backward country will change and in a few years everyone will be trying herbal …. Like Organic foods are a big thing now.

  4. Jimmy – I don’t doubt that herbal medicines do work. All synthetic medicines have to be made from something natural but to paint herbal medicine as some sort of panacea or cure-all is wrong.
    Herbal medicines have side effects like chemically created medicines, some medicines work better than others. I’m just saying that this doctor actually claimed on live radio that his patients died not because his herbal medicines didn’t work but because of the chemotherapy and other mainstream treatments they received.
    Desperate people paid large sums of money to this “doctor” and saw no improvement. He has beens struck off the register here in Ireland.
    There’s something truelly evil about a man or group of people who would take advantage of people like that.

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