Say "Bye Bye!" to your our old photos!

The reliability of CDRs and writeable digital media in general came up for discussion on Slashdot yesterday (as it does every 6 months or so), but Mark posts that CD-Rs may become unreadable after only 2 years! Damn, that’s scary as I’m archiving my photos to DVD-R now. I’ll probably rewrite my photos next year just to be safe. Check out Mark’s post for a comment I left there with more..

2 thoughts on “Say "Bye Bye!" to your our old photos!

  1. I have been thinking this over, for my music collection. Currently I backup to CD-R. But this will workl out to be very expensive with constant renewal of the backups. So I am going to change over to backups to another hard-drive. It may be a large amount to layout in one go but you only have that cost once.

  2. This thread on STF asks a pertitent question, “who’ll take care of my photos when I die?”
    There are still plenty of photos available taken over 100 years ago but as tech matures what will happen? Will our decendents care for our digital media and convert our lossy jpeg photos to whatever new whizz-bang format comes out? Perhaps this message has a point..

    Forget it, we are all doomed to loose our pics, no matter what. Let’s just enjoy them until that moment will come 😉

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