Save Billy!

Billy Burke, of Killorglin, Co. Kerry has been waiting for a lung transplant for three and a half years. His story has made the headlines here because he was turned down for a transplant in Newcastle as he had an infection in his lungs. However he has been accepted by a hospital in Manchester, but because the Irish Government has an exclusive deal with Newcastle, Billy won’t have access to lungs that become available in the Republic. This is what Billy’s family and others want to change.
Check the site for more info.
(via Owen)

3 thoughts on “Save Billy!

  1. that’s pretty horrifying really. an “exclusive deal” for organs? can some minister trot out and explain that?

  2. I think Micheal Mairtin was on several radio shows about this but AFAIR he said there wasn’t anything he could do about it. I don’t know why however.

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