Who collects the household rubbish in Blarney?

When you’ve a question, who do you ask? Google! I searched for rubbish collection blarney ireland in an effort to find out who, besides the council, operate garbage/rubbish collections in Blarney, Co. Cork. Damn blogs have polluted the search results! 🙂
Much Later … On a more serious note. Here’s a list of Bring Sites in Co. Cork. Looks like I can recycle glass, paper and cans in Blarney but I hope that list isn’t out of date now! Here’s a commentary on the woeful state of recycling in Ireland. We’re way behind everyone else.
Earlier today I noticed that Ballincollig has an extensive “Bring Site”. You can recycle paper, cans, glass and even plastics there!

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If you take out the word rubbish, and replace it with refuse and waste, the results are a bit more on par. Didn’t do any searching beyond the results that came up, but it’s a little bit more on-topic.

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