While slashdot, the world and his dog have already seen this story I only looked through it this morning. It’s a photo-essay following several journies into the Dead Zone around Chernobyl. Aide Roche publicizes the plight of the people in that area through her charity work here in Cork and elsewhere but to see such personal photographic evidence brings it to another level again.. All the lives ruined and changed and memories left behind. It’s very sad.

2 thoughts on “GHOST TOWN

  1. Do you know if anyone in the Chernobyl Childrens Project has done a photo blog of the visit?

    I assume that they would be willing to pass the photos around.

  2. I don’t actually. it’d be interesting to see. I wonder if any of them will find this post in the next few weeks through Google?
    I’ll have a search myself later and see what others have put online.

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