Thank you for the skip!

You know it’s election time again. Politicians are being nice and taking notice of their constituants. Not that I mind, much. Things get done. It’s a pity I’m moving to a completely different area as this gesture is wasted on me!
Several weeks ago a letter arrived at home saying the road outside would be resurfaced. Although the letter was written by a local councillor, it was at pains to point out that it was a cross-party effort that resulted in the action taken! Two days ago preperations began on the road. Woo!
A few mornings ago another letter arrived. This time from our local Labour Councillor, Denis O’Flynn. In it he stated to, “have arranged from my allocation of ward funds to have two rubbish skips delivered to your area on Friday next the 26th of March. I have asked for these skips to allow you the residents to dispose of the larger items of rubbish.”
Well, thanks very much! I took home a load of rubbish from the new house and dumped it this morning. Pity I had to go out to Blarney at 2am this morning after the pub. Only got 4 hours sleep last night. Yawn!
Denis – I would have voted for you anyway, simply because Labour are flavour of the month for me and I’m disillusioned with FF and FG. Must find out who my representatives are in Blarney.

And for those who’re interested, here’s a list of members of Cork City Council. Just in case you want to have your own skip delivered. Remember, you have until June 11th when the local elections occur!

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