Beating the Photography Blues, Trouble on the Streets?

You know those days when you really couldn’t be bothered? Go to work, work the day through, go home, have dinner, veg in front of the tv, go to bed, repeat ad naseum. Everyone goes through troughs in life and Mark’s going through one right now. Here’s his plan for beating the blues!

On a completely different note, this is disturbing. Sensiti was in central London taking photos and looking for insipiration. He started taking photos until 4 minutes later he was approached by a policeman and asked what he was doing. It seems that the CCTV people monitoring the city noticed him walking around with a camera and suspected he was taking photos of children.
What would I have said if I was stopped on St. Patrick’s Day? Besides the parade photos , I took at least 2 dozen photos of the crowd before and during the event! Several of those are of kids looking in wonder and delight at the parade or simply bored and hungry, hanging on to their parents necks.
It’s a sorry, scary, state of affairs. for parents and photographers alike.

What to do? I hardly ever take photos of kids but if I do, I try to make sure people see my approach with a camera. Unfortunately, as Mark points out in the first article, pointing your camera at someone is often one of the hardest things to do as a photographer. so I don’t take many photos of people!
Much later… Here’s another similar story about 2 photographers on the subway in New York! The train was stopped so they could be interrogated by the police!

One thought on “Beating the Photography Blues, Trouble on the Streets?

  1. Hey, I’ve been taking photos for years, but have not had that happen to me before, sometimes i wonder should i ask for permission first, you know any tourist district like i noticed in paris or venice sometimes, also in rome by the colliseum when people dress up and you take their photo , they usually want to get paid for the photo or they stand still for a very long time hoping that someone will notice them. I have seen some photos which i took, the subject did not seem to mind but the people in the background are glaring at me sometimes. Go figure, in this day and age suspicion seems to be the thought on peoples minds. Thought i would throw my two cents in. Thanks GS Ink

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