Digital Prints – buy, buy, buy!

PhotographyBLOG reports that the growth of digital prints is accelerating at twice that of digital cameras. I’m not surprised really. So many more people have digital cameras these days that not all of them are computer geeks with huge collections of photos on their PCs. They want tangiable photos they can show their friends and family and don’t want to crowd around in front of a noisy, nasty computer.
When I eventually move into the new place (there’s always delays!) I’m going to get large format prints of some of my photos to hang around the house. Spectra Photo in town do 8″x6″ prints for 99¢. Anyone know a cheaper shop or site that supplies to the Irish market?

One thought on “Digital Prints – buy, buy, buy!

  1. You could try walsh’s pharmacy next to L&N in ballincollig.
    I’ve gotten some digital prints there (never bigger than 5″x7″).
    They do large prints too and the staff are helpful enough.

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