3 thoughts on “St Patrick's Day Again!

  1. hi Donncha
    I was doing a search to find out the status of Irish being made an official EU language and you came up – any idea of the status of this issue ??

    btw, did you hear about the An Bórd Pleanála eejits who gave planning permission for a road through Tara ?

    oh, and finally, I won’t hold it against you that you’re from Ckorck {my best pal here is} but there nothing like the Kingdom boy !!


  2. Lookin forward to seeing the pics – whats the best place for taking photos. I was on the grand-parade then headed on to the south mall – a good way of condensing a 1-hour parade into 40 minutes.

  3. Croi – I don’t think anything’s going to happen to be honest. Various people have said that Irish people should speak Irish and use the language. That’s more important for the continuing vitality of the language but it’ll be a struggle to do so.
    Walter – I stayed on Patrick’s Bridge. Last year I stayed at the bottom of Patrick’s Hill but it was too crowded. The bridge was an excellent location though, it was slightly elevated, high pavement to stand on and a good view down Patrick’s Street, and up towards Bridge Street. Pics will be posted later. I took 348 photos, exhausted one battery, and used most of 2 256MB memory sticks! Thankfully I decided a few weeks ago to shoot at standard quality, that halved the file size!

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