Shopping, Shopping, Shopping..

I wish I had left that “misc” entry in my budget. It would have covered all the small little house things I bought today! Now I’m way over budget!
Anyway, thank you Michelle and Conor for the help today. Both for carrying too many bags and boxes and for helping me choose the right set of knifes, right vacuum cleaner, furniture and the rest! I really had forgotten that kitchens need knifes, a tin opener, various types of cutlery and such! I’m really looking forward to moving in next week!
And after spending so much on the house, I felt the urge to splash out on a nice new pair of glasses for myself! Woohoo! 🙂

Time to hit the town! Have a good night!

2 thoughts on “Shopping, Shopping, Shopping..

  1. When I bought my house I added a category “New House Crap” to my budget software. It’s accounting for more of my budget than “booze” or even “food”, which can’t be a good sign.

  2. Aha !
    You’ve noticed the new feature included free with every house purchase … a direct-debit to the tune of 80% of what was your take-home pay (after that mortgage you thought you could afford !!)
    Just wait until you’ve a wife and kids to feed :oP

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