3 thoughts on “It's A Foggy Morning

  1. You may want to consider turning sharpening off on your camera. You get that annoying white edge round high contrast things like the crows which whilst makes it more visible, I personally find quite annoying.

    I like the picture of the crows though 🙂 Shame you couldn’t get closer so you could get a less noisy image. Have you tried NeatImage? It’s really very good.

  2. Thanks for the tips, but I think the white surrounding the crows is from the post-processing on the photo.
    By chance, this thread on Sony Talk is interesting. The second post seconds your advice, so it’s something I might try. I have a lot more control over the look of a photo using Unsharp Mask, with layers and selection tools.
    Unfortunately I hardly ever use Windows so I haven’t tried Neatimage yet!

  3. Unsharpen mask is great for sharpenning the picture especially the low-pass filtering of the lens. I personally prefer to turn the sharpenning effect of the camera off, even though its not possible to turn it off completely! this is my first visit to ur pages and i quite like it. needs to be bookmarked:)

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