What Digital Camera?

My father’s finally in the market for a digital camera. After many years using a Pentax SLR he has seen the light and wants to take the plunge into the digital world!
He saw that the Nikon Coolpix 3100 was available from Argus at a knock down price of €320 or so. I have no idea how good that camera is so I fired up Google to find out. A review of the camera compared it unfavourably to the Canon PowerShot A70. A review of that camera looks very promising, especially for my dad, who’s used to the manual controls of an SLR. Dpreview also compare the Nikon to the Canon which was useful. Looks like the Canon has the edge on picture quality.
Unfortunately, the Canon A70 is priced at €500 in Argus! So much for the two cameras being similarly priced!
This morning I asked the guys on for camera sites that ship to Ireland and the prices on technikdirekt.de, cam-ireland.com and even amazon.de are much better than high-street Irish prices. (Well, duh! Surprised? Nope!)
Here’s some more reviews of the Canon A70 for future reference from DCRP Review and Steve’s Digicams.

4 thoughts on “What Digital Camera?

  1. i bought a traveller digital camera from aldi last year it has 5 million pixels and a spec that is not to be beaten they have a web site in germany but i’m unsure of the address at the mo as i’m at work (it cost me 300euro)it also has a lot of manual settings ,video function 124mb card,picture size which exceeds any of similar priced cameras .this is a quality camera….j mac

  2. I bought the 2004 version of the Traveler at Aldi. Now 6.3 megapixel. At US$250 it is a steal. They sold out in a week.

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