The Crow's Nest, Victoria Cross, Cork.. gone!

From our roving reporter, John, at the scene, comes the news that the Crow’s Nest Bar and Restaurant burnt down this morning! I passed there around 9:30 and the place was fine. 🙁
I couldn’t find any photos online, but here’s a review of the place from the SBPost.

8 thoughts on “The Crow's Nest, Victoria Cross, Cork.. gone!

  1. I passed there yesterday evening on the way home from work. The building itself is still standing and there doesn’t look like much smoke damage on the outside but about half the roof is probably destroyed and rafters in the roof are visible!

  2. They’ll probably do a ‘Nancy Spain’s’ on it – Nancy’s burned down a few years ago and was open in a week “with authentic smoky atmosphere” … hey, maybe it was a pre-emptive strike before the smoking ban to either a) make smokers feel at home even though they’re not allowed to smoke anymore, or b) to cash in on insurance before the business went belly up over the smoking ban altogether!

  3. wow…really shocked to hear this way after the fact though.
    I was in ireland several days later- feb 29th 2004.
    didn’t make it to cork city this trip, but if we did this pub would have been a definite destination!
    any word on a re-build?
    thanx for the info~


  4. I had some amazing times there in 2000 with a bunch of guys i was working with as builders and a bar maid that i fell i love with and had a relationship with for a few months while i worked in cork.. Its 2012 now and i just had a wee look on Google maps after talking to a guy from cork sho i play an online MMO with and seen it was still standing. Is it still there? Google maps wont show me as there maps are getting a little old.

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