Getting cheap calls in Ireland

On the advice of a friend last December (Thanks Wendy!) I signed up to VarTec, a company offering cheaper phone calls from land lines.
I got the first bill yesterday morning and I’m very impressed.
A 28 minute call to Madrid only cost me €1.85! A 47 minute call to a mobile cost me just over €6! If I made the same mobile call from my mobile, it would have cost me around €14, It looks like EsatBT are reasonably competitive too when it comes to calls within Ireland, but it’s hard to judge the quite different products from each company. On the face of it, Vartec still looks cheaper than either EsatBT or Eircom for mobile charges, but more expensive for local/national at off peak periods. Especially if you go for one of the “flat-rate” packages. Vartec does better at international calls however, as they have the same rate no matter what the time of day.

8 thoughts on “Getting cheap calls in Ireland

  1. did you actually know about Euphony..? pls check the website. If you have any queries—we have a presentation every Monday night around 1930 @ Red Cow Inn Hotel…Achmad

  2. Achmad – I’m now using UTV Talk who give me free local, national and UK calls after 6pm and at the weekend. I use telestunt for calls abroad to the US and Spain for the price of a local call. I use my meteor mobile for occasional calls to mobiles.
    Very difficult to compete with that.

  3. If you’re at home all day then it might make sense to go with Euphony, or even the new 35 Euro a month Eircom package (including line rental, so it’s the same price as Euphony), but for my needs, UTV Talk is the winner – free calls to local, national and UK numbers at off peak times!

  4. For €9.99 you can make as many calls throughout Ireland, including Northern Ireland with Euphony. They also have a deal on calls from Mobiles. They save up tp 60% on these, plus free texting until the end of the year. Give me a shout and I can get it sorted for you. Alan

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  6. This thread is a little out-of-date. Do you have any advice for someoen currently looking for cheap interbational calls from Ireland?

  7. Hi MikeD

    A bit of a late reply, but check out DialAbroad ( for low cost calls from Ireland.

    You don’t need an account, you just top up online, they send a PIN SMS to your Irish mobile and you can call from any landline or mobile.

    Thanks, Mike

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