Linux 2.6 again!

Yay! I’m in Linux 2.6 land again. I couldn’t use it on my last PC as it would freeze for some reason (the machine wouldn’t shut down properly either when using 2.4 so blame the h/w somewhere!) Anyway, this article apparently is all about how fast 2.6 is, I haven’t read it, but it’s an excuse to post this!

4 thoughts on “Linux 2.6 again!

  1. I’ve got a -current Debian build on another partition with a 2.6.1 kernel, but man alive, nVidia dropped the ball on nforce driver support. I still can’t get it to recognize my sound or NIC cards.

    [shakes fist]

  2. I need to get another hard drive to get linux 2.6 up and going – I could repartion my NTFS drive (Finally) but i’d really rather not.

  3. Oh my God, 2.6 is *so* snappy! I’ve just upgraded to Firefox and updated Thunderbird and things just wiz along at a terrific rate! If you’re using Linux and not running the 2.6 kernel you are really missing out!

  4. I guess that in that case, I’ll go whip out some cash, get a new hard drive, and install my old mandrake on then then update. Or should I just get new source files. Decisions, decisions.

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