CD Wow Backs down

As previously reported here, IRMA sued CD Wow to stop them importing cheap music CDs into Ireland. This morning on the radio I heard that sad news that CD Wow have basically given up and they will add €3 to the price of every music CD bought by someone resident in Ireland. The Register has an update on that as it’s not available on yet. A representative of CD Wow UK spoke on Radio 1 this morning and was quizzed about the size of the Irish market to which he dithered and was very uncomfortable answering. In the end he admitted that in the context of a global market, Ireland is small fry (my words, not his!) and he hoped a consumer group would do their fighting for them.
Of course, by the looks of things, they have enough trouble in the UK, and Germany without causing a fuss in Ireland too.
The news prompted a length discussion on the ILUG this afternoon, even branching into how generous music performers are with their music.
Ah sure, it doesn’t bother Internet users, don’t we all download our music illegally anyway?

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