Blogs Cleanup

I went through the list of blogs here and deleted inactive ones. I was shocked at the amount of spammed comments on some of those blogs!

Blog owners here have been emailed too, so if you get an email from me requesting you click on a link on this site to validate your email, it’s in your interest to do so!
For some reason, Yahoo mail prints “\n” directly so urls are a bit fscked. Just click on them anyway as the info’ll get recorded in any case.

One thought on “Blogs Cleanup

  1. Can you please communicate with us about the status of B2++? I need a community blogging system and there isn’t much out here. I like b2++, but, you seem to have disappeared and repeated emails to you and posts from numerous people go unanswered.

    The community is confused.

    Do we take the b2++ code and fork it?

    Are you still involved? Do you want to be involved?

    Are you working on another blog to replace b2++?

    Would you please tell us your intentions?

    The courtesy of a response would be greatly appeciated. That would allow us to make our own informed decisions instead of guessing.

    The last thing we want to do is take a branch of b2++, do a bunch of work on it and then have you show back up with a new release of b2++.

    Thank you for your time.


    P. S. I have been in St. Peter and Paul’s. It is indeed an amazing church. G.

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