Modem upgrade

For ages I’ve had to use an internal winmodem (using the closed-source hcf drivers available online), but Owen gave me a USR external modem yesterday which I just replaced my old modem with. On booting Linux, Kudzu recognised that the internal modem was removed and configured the new external modem!
The only problem I had with kppp was a “NO DIALTONE” error in the log. Doh! I forgot to plug in the telephone cable!
The external modem is faster, apt-get runs at 5.9kb/sec instead of 4.4kb/sec, and there’s no annoying stutter when the modem dials.
Thanks Owen 🙂

By Donncha

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Yes, it’s rather quaint isn’t it? *sigh*
I saw a magazine in Easons earlier – “Broadband somethingorother” and wondered how many people will buy it..

About 2 I’m guessing … Personally I’d be more than happy to get better than GSM speeds … but until I get the landline in the new house sorted … that’s about all I have !!

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