Piratizing your blog

Thanks to Dougal Campbell for writing a Pirate filter on his site. I copied the code and put it into a Smarty plugin. It’s available here for everyone on blogs.linux.ie to use as follows:

  1. Open the Template Editor of your blog and bring up the “Posting” template.
  2. Look for the {$the_content} variable in there.
  3. You have to pass that variable to the pirate function: {pirate content=$the_content}. If you’re using the highlightsearch modifier, then use this code instead: {pirate content=$the_content|highlightsearch}.
  4. Save the template and reload your blog. If it doesn’t update, then click on the “Refresh Site” link in the backend.

Oh, of course, it’ll only work today, as it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!
UF has a special Pirate Talk Day feature today! 🙂

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