Book Recommendations

Here’s a few of the books I’ve read over the past Summer. These are “un-put-downable” and I stayed up many a late night reading for as long as possible.

  • High Society by Ben Elton. This was the first book I read by Ben Elton. It’s about the drug society in the UK. Great read, and terrible what happens to some people affected by drugs.
  • Emporer – The Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden. Just glancing over the reviews on Amazon this book is controversial! It might not be 100% historically accurate but the author states that at the end of the book. Here’s a video interview with the author. I haven’t looked at it yet.
  • Life Of Pi by Yann Martel. I was not expecting the story that unfolded when I started reading this. This book was recommended by a friend and and I’m passing on the same recommendation!
  • Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain. I’m not sure why I picked up this book in Waterstones last year but I’m glad I did. I don’t usually read non-fiction or biographies but this is a great read! I just wish I had called to the restaurant he works in now in New York, but we didn’t have the time.

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