Back in Cork – again

Here I am, back in Cork. Still suffering slightly from jet lag but at work and sorting through a lot of mail. In the past 10 days or so I received 183MB of mail. That’s over 5300 emails. Over 1400 of them were email viruses (mostly Sobig) which is the largest number I’ve ever captured coming through our mail server. wow!
Just like the last time I returned, a hardrive died on me. This time I was prepared a little better. I had already backed up my photos onto several CDs (as I mentioned previously), so all I lost was 2 days of photos (about 30-40 pictures) which I still might get back if MS undelete works on a USB device. (I used ‘mv’ to move the files from the memory stick. The fs on the stick is fat16, so I’ll try it tomorrow – I forgot to bring my camera to work today!)
I’ll post some photos over the next few days. There’s lots there as you can imagine!

On another note Mark’s getting strange comments on his weblog. I know he likes to talk about the broadcast media, politics, and rant a bit, but did he ever say he was connected with CBS? *boggle*

2 thoughts on “Back in Cork – again

  1. Yes, yes Kevin!
    Procmail flagged all the viruses and Spam Assassin caught over 2,500 spams. About 70 spams got through, which isn’t at all bad considering it’s non-intrusive 😉

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