The Cool Passion of Dr. Dean

TIME Magazine ran a series of articles last week on Howard Dean, the presidential hopeful. I hadn’t a clue who this guy was, except that Kevin Lyda and others were pushing his website occasionally. The Time article above is balanced, showing the good and bad sides of the candidate.
In the printed article there’s a chart drawing comparisions between Dean and Bush. They’re not so different…

4 thoughts on “The Cool Passion of Dr. Dean

  1. Actually they *are* pretty different — Dean’s got a sensible position on the war in Iraq.

    But that illustrates another thing about the US — don’t believe anything you see/read about politics in the mainstream media 😉

  2. Do you HAVE to rub it in that you don’t read my blog…

    10/11/02 Dean for America?

    I even linked to what was at the time his shitty made by a guy in his office web page, and am half ways through writing up what I think his challenges are before the 04 Democratic primary.


  3. Mark – ‘course I read your blog! That was on of the first places I heard about Howard Dean! At the time however I hadn’t a notion who he was. He’s getting more topical now, and I’m looking forward to your next piece on him.

  4. he also has a better record on state finances. and a slew of other issues. no, no, bush and dean are quite different. people said the same thing about bush and gore – i suspect things would be very different in america with president gore.

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