teergrubing referrer spammers

Justin Mason posted a message to the ILUG complaining about referer spam on his blog. I replied with a few ideas, and hopefully we’ll get more ideas on that thread. Unfortunately I forgot to include a link to a useful feedster search on the matter but JM will see it here I’m sure.

  1. Load up the referering page. If it doesn’t load then ignore the referer (removes private pages on intranets). Check the page for a link to your site, and in particular, checl for the url the refering ‘browser’ visited. If it’s not there, then ignore the referer.
  2. Setup a moderation system and manually filter the referers.
  3. Only print a referer after they’ve refered more than a couple of visitors. (Only mildly effective however.)
  4. Dave Winer at Userland added a robots.txt to his referer log page. It stops
    Google indexing that page. He then notified the world of what he did, and hopefully the spammers got the message.

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