Go on! Pay up, ya thieves!

Send your cheques to …

SCO is giving the “tainted” Linux users out there a way to clean up their filthy ways via a licensing program that will begin in the coming weeks.

After dolling out threats of legal action, SCO has called on enterprise Linux users to come forward and pay for code the company claims to own. The legal zealots at SCO reckon Linux has grown up too fast by nicking technology such as support for large SMP systems from its copyrighted Unix code. SCO plans to start calling Linux customers this week, asking them to pay up or face the consequences.

One thought on “Go on! Pay up, ya thieves!

  1. They’ll be around to drag you and your smelly Linux using socialist friends off in chains before the end of the week if you don’t pay up. 😉

    But seriously, this isn’t aimed at “Joe Distro”, look who they sent the letters to, those companies who have more money than god.

    I’d expect SCO to pocket a nice wedge of cash from this when some of the large guys cough up just in case SCO actually has an ace up it’s sleeve. You can imagine that if SCO won anything, it isn’t going to be the ILUG which lands in court, it’s going to be corporations who have built & sold stuff with/on Linux. Not the rag tag bunch of freeloaders, cheapskates, groupies, hangers on, smelly socialists and members of the RMS software jihad, who make up the Linux community. ;-P

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